What started as a gate full of angry airline passengers delayed by U.S. Soldiers returning from war is now a heart warming story of gratitude. Written as a tribute and based on true events, Encouragement for the American Soldier tells the story of a life changing experience for passengers impatiently waiting on their postponed flight in a busy Texas airport. Along with a moving story about the events of Gate B-39, this inspirational book also provides a venue for readers to touch the hearts of American Soldiers around the world. 

What is being called an interactive inspirational; readers are able to share their words of encouragement with an American Soldier on provided Inspiration pages. They will then pass the book around at family gatherings or other events before forwarding the book to one of America s finest. Whether it is for our forefathers of World War II, the unsung heroes of Vietnam, or our soldiers returning home from the Middle East, Words of Wisdom; Encouragement for the America Soldier is a simple way to make a difference. 

If you are a relative or merely an acquaintance of a United States Veteran, you have a chance to show your love and appreciation with Words Of Wisdom: Encouragement for the American Soldier.
Encouragement for the American Soldier